Panchachuli Collections

Almora Collection

The town of Almora, located in the mid ranges of the Kumaon Hills, was famous in the olden days for its handmade tweeds. Panchachuli Women Weavers has revived this tradition and offers hand spun and hand woven tweed fabrics in a range of colours and textures using fine Australian Merino wool as well as local sheep wool which is scoured, washed, spun and woven entirely by hand.

Baldhoti Collection

Giant Himalayan nettle fibre has traditionally been used across the Himalayas for making strong fabric, ropes and sacks. At Panchachuli we refined the traditional process of extraction of the fibre from the nettle plants to create exquisite hand knitted stoles and scarves as well as a range of table linen and home furnishing. The fibre of the nettle plant is hand spun and hand woven.

Munsiyari Collection

This collection is named after the town of Munsiyari located in the high Himalayas near the Panchachuli range. The products comprise of the finest cashmere in the world, sourced from nomads on the plateau of Western Tibet as well as cashmere producers on the steppes of Mongolia. The raw wool is carded and cleaned by state of the art Scottish equipment imported by Panchachuli Women Weavers, and then hand spun and woven into luxurious shawls, stoles, fabrics, blankets and throws.

Chamoli Collection

This collection comprises of products made from sheep wool and raw silk sourced from silkworms farmed in Himalayan oak trees. The yarns are hand spun and hand woven into home furnishings and blankets.

Pataldevi Collection

Colourful and delicate lamb wool shawls, stoles, scarves and fabric in a large variety of designs and patterns, woven by hand using mill spun and dyed Australian lamb wool of the finest quality.

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